Sliding doors are made of thermally insulated IV78 profile.

Easy handling of shutters of PORTAL PSK S and tilt & slide doors and security elements in standard version significantly add to the ease of use and safety compared to conventional shutters.

The central locking of shutters is based on operation of tilt & slide shutters. Protection against burglary is enhanced through special security latches which firmly interlock into security sockets located in frame edges and ensure burglary protection.

The advantage of PORTAL PSK Z is a special spring mechanism which automatically moves the sash in tilt position when opened and back to standing position when closed. The system of this sliding door is very easy to operate, even with larger glass surfaces (max. sash weight 200 kg).

PORTAL PSK S is a standard sliding system without the special spring mechanism where two hands must be used for closing the door (max. sash weight 160kg).


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