Wood and wood-aluminium windows are identical in their structure. Unlike wood window where the bottom part of sash and frame is covered with aluminium profiles, the outer structures of wood-aluminium windows are fully covered with aluminium profiles to ensure the most efficient protection against the effects of external environment.

Inward opening (the so-called German type) windows are manufactured from finger jointed 3 or 4 layer glulam pinewood. Cuctomized orders include other types of timber: spruce, oak, merant, mahogany, etc. Also, glulam timber without finger joints can be ordered.
IV78 profile combines good thermal insulation as well as diverse design options. Various shapes and colours (based on RAL color chart, glazes based on glaze catalogue) open up diverse architectural solutions.

- construction depth: 78 mm
- inward opening
- 2 sash seals
- glazing type: double or triple
- sound insulation: up to 40-42dB
- to ensure weather and waterproof properties, horizontal wooden parts are fully covered outside with aluminium water bars
Standard solution:
- glazing type: triple glazing with two selective glasses and argon filling (3K 4sel-16ar-4-16ar-4sel)
- thermal insulation: Uw= 0.88W/m²K
- finishing: one colour
- tilt & slide window shutters on openable windows (micro-ventilation and standard ventilation option) and a lever

- diverse design options due to a wide range of colours and glazes
- individual style, e.g. round or triangular windows and windows with decorative bars (unfortunately, the range of shapes of wood-aluminium windows is slightly limited, since it is complicated to cover arched and round windows with aluminium)Possibilities of application:
- new buildings and buildings under renovation
- buildings with high level of energy loss and energy conscious renovation
- elite housing
- manufacture of windows, patio doors and sliding doors

- good thermal and sound insulation
- easy-to-clean surfaces
- environmentally friendly, recyclable
- a natural and more exclusive appearance 

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